Definition of FAIL = APPLE SUPPORT

OK so I just hung up with Apple support they called me around 9:15 am that was awesome thank you Apple.

The Issue:

My girlfriend has my old iphone 3g and its worked perfect since I have bought it. When 3.1.2 came out we upgraded the iphone and it worked perfect UNTIL the first time she turned the phone on silent. When she was done with college and tried to turn the phone back on regular, It wouldnt change.

Resolution attempts:

I have restarted the phone, I have reset the phone’s settings, I have restored the phone back to 3.1.2. Basically whats going on is my girlfriend’s iPhone no longer has sound coming out from the speaker. I even tried the earplug push in and out method to loosen up and remove the so called dust messing with the iPhones internal sensors. I know 3.1.3 came out but I am weary about updating it because of multiple reports online from lots of customers of apple saying 3.1.3 doesnt fix the battery issue it makes it WORSE. So after doing all this troubleshooting

The call from Apple:

I will keep the associate’s name secret for security reasons. I will refer to him/her as the “Apple Expert”. Here is what happened. The call came in and I explained to the “Apple Expert” about the iphone issue. Since I cant record calls I have to try to replay it in my mind. Here is a summary of how the call went.

“Updated to 3.1.2, put phone into silent mode, and it will not produce sound at all even after resetting, restarting and restoring the phone. I would restore to 3.1.3 but I do not want to screw up the phone worse then it already is, i have heard reports of it messing with the battery life and also making the phone hotter. SO thats not an option for me.”

The “Apple Expert” thought for a moment and mentioned to me well you need to update the phone to 3.1.3 cause if its not updated to 3.1.3 we can refuse to replace the phone. I mentioned that was not a good policy, cause the firmware update is junk.”

I also mentioned, that IF I were to replace the phone what are the steps for it. He mentioned well for an advanced replacement, we will place a hold on your card for the amount of the phone and release it once the defective phone is received. If its a credit card they just place a hold on the card then release it once been received. Doesnt affect your money. But if you use a debit card, it will remove the money from your account, then apple will refund you once the defective one has been received. My question to the “Apple Expert” was ok so I spent 80 dollars to buy a apple care protection plan in order to help with this process. Yet you are telling me I still get charged in order to replace a phone thats faulty cause of your crappy firmware update.”

Next part of the convo really ticked me off. “Apple Expert” told me they would place a hold on my card for $499 dollars in order to get another iphone 3g, because I dont use credit cards I use debit cards, basically Apple would charge me 499 dollars and then they would refund me once they received the defective iphone. I told the “Apple Expert” I think the policy sucks but I will discuss this with my girlfriend since its her phone.

LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Even though the iPhone is a sweet piece of hardware, Apple support is the worse support I have ever dealt with. WHy dont they keep a credit card on file and THEN CHARGE IF the defective iPhone doesnt show up. That I could do and live with, but this charging me for a replacement and then refunding once the original gets back to Apple is pathetic.

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