the cats and my iphone, because of this I lock my phone all the time now

So recently over the weekend something that happened that may be considered funny, but really its not. I had over 20 dollars in credit on my itunes account for me to purchase itunes apps for my iphone. I woke up in the morning and see that its all gone. I thought hmm ok I guess its a mistake and it will show up later. Keep in mind I dont use itunes on my computers alot at all.

Well guess what I found the reason out why, the night before this happened. I was browsing the itunes store on my iphone. Didn’t really see anything I wanted at the time, I didn’t lock my phone and I left it on the itunes store. I do this alot because I might think of something to buy later.

Well apparently over the night, all 3 of my cats had been running through the house and been walking over my iphone, and their little paws were puchasing crap off the itunes store. Some musical artist I have never heard of and Drake and Josh Season 4. I will have a screenshot of itunes up in here later. Total of 35 things were purchased. Only reason it didnt continue is because my gift certificate ran out and it had to ask permission for my debit card. I have thought about how to handle this. I finally decided to send a letter to apple support. Letter is below.

“Hello Apple,

Recently alot of music and some drake and josh season 4 stuff was purchased, these purchases I did not make. I only purchase either iphone apps or music videos from you guys, occasionally ringtones for my iphone. I tried to find a phone number to contact you cause I feel explaining this might be better. If it wasnt for your protective measure after a gc is used up to login to authorize the use of a credit card or something. I am sure I would have many many more charges. I removed my cc off the account because of all this and applied a gift card to make my latest purchases.

I have an idea on how this happened, I laughed at first but its very possible, and it involves me laying my iphone on the ground next to me not locked and on the itunes store and 3 cats that walk in and out all night. I do not want this stuff that was purchased. I dont even know the artist that was purchased. Drake and Josh season 4 from what I can tell on is a kids show I am a 34 year old man who doesnt even care about TV. Look at my purchase history on the itunes store, and see the fact i DO NOT purchase movies, tv shows, or music. Only apps, music videos, or ringtones. Please let me know what your decision is.”

** UPDATE **
apple refunded all 3 of the orders these things combined into it was actually 3 separate orders.

12/2/2009 15.44 for some Armin music (Who is this guy)
12/3/2009 something called Armin Only: Imagine for $19.48
12/3/2009 Drake and Josh Season 4 $16.23

Thank you apple for taking care of me as a customer 🙂

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