No this is not an april fools joke, mocospace has something called mocotalk a phone service. It allows you to add a friend to list. Then once you do so. It auto generates a phone number for both of you that can only be used between you. This feature is only for US and canada. Process is as follows

Make sure you have your phone number on your account.

You find a friend you want to talk to, you add them to your mocotalk list.

After you add them it generates a phone number you can call them. You click a link to call the person, the mocotalk service calls your phone first, then it calls the other person. When you  answer it records a quick voice greeting, it asks you to say your name, then it says mocotalk now connecting….

On the receiving end it says this is mocotalk, you are receiving a call from, and it plays your quick voice greeting. WOuld you like to accept, you press 1 and it connects you.

If you and that person have a fall out or you decide you dont want to talk to them anymore via phone, just delete them it will remove you from mocotalk on both yours and their account. This is the absolute more secure way to talk to your friends good job mocospace. I hope you keep this function forever.


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