Who am I?

I am Forrest aka rcg aka reallycutegeek aka Mac aka SexyMac, I go by many names on the internet. I have been on imvu and secondlife for many years. I am a 47 year old nerd who enjoys working with computers and making lots of websites.

As you know one of my passions is computers and My other is (drum rolls) you guessed it, web development and webdesign and social networks such as imvu or secondlife also mocospace, as you can see with my personal site, graphics, programming and yes 3d Models!!

what software do I use?

I only really use things I have bought. graphics, I use apps on my iPhone or gimp, i refuse to use adobe anything. webdesign and development, I use HTML-kit tools, why? It just works perfect, while teaching me how to write the code it also has quick injection of things I can also make my own plugins to add, already has a lot of plugins and its never failed me. Programming I use shell or i use notepad+ on my computer, or i use programs on my cell phone lol. What you will find about me is I am very good at improvising for a situation. If something doesn’t work for me I will find a way and always will. Cause of my illness I have lost the knowledge of many languages and trying to relearn them, I am currently working on html5, css3, php, mysql, json, xml, and javascript, the basic scripting languages for making a website. I use udemy.com and codeacademy.com in order to pick up on some programming