I am very into web development, Self taught, Also Learning some graphic design, working with 3d animation and models and I love reading weather. I am actually kinda obsessed with anything having to do with weather. It goes back to earlier in the year of 2021 when I almost missed a tornado hitting us.

This site is always a work in progress as I am always messing with the newest methods available to learn for my web development needs.

Currently messing with Oxygen and pinegrow seeing if I can try to get them to work together and have the best of both worlds. Now I want to add live canvas and Zion Builder lol

A little about me

I have always been into computers, its something I excel at, I actually been into them all my life. Even took on a job as a technology specialist for Amazon.com in 2006, had that job till 2012
Now i do web design on demand as a business as myself, if someone wants a website
Just contact me and we will discuss details. If I am unable to do what you need done I will point you to someone whom I believe will be able to.
Site is a work in progress